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Ernest Bloch : Complete Works for Violin and Piano


  1. Ernest Bloch : Sonata for Violin and Piano No.1
  2. Ernest Bloch : Poème Mystique : Sonata for Violin and Piano No.2
  3. Ernest Bloch : Suite No.1 for Violin solo
  4. Ernest Bloch : Suite No.2 for Violin solo
  5. Ernest Bloch : Mélodie
  6. Ernest Bloch : Baal Shem
  7. Ernest Bloch : Abodah
  8. Ernest Bloch : Nuit Exotique
  9. Ernest Bloch : Suite Hébraïque

Latica Honda-Rosenberg (violin), Avner Arad (piano)



2CD-set which includes all of Bloch's chamber work for violion and piano. Talking about two sonatas, if I compare this with Mordkovitch's extraordinay performance e.g. POEME MYSTIQUE, it may overshadow, but it is above average enough.

On the other hand, unaccompanied works and short pieces are very charming. To tell the truth, until relatively recently, I could not find the worth of the unaccompanied works. I perceive it through the recordings by Hyman Bress or Yehudi Menuhin. And I am really impressed this performance. I can find the worth of the works which mirror Bach's series of unaccompanied works.

Each of Bloch's works for violin are wonderful. You can enjoy all of them except CONCERTO through the CD-set. In addition, it is very low-priced.
Its sound quality is also very well. Even if you buy the CD it would be never bad bargain.

16, August, 2000