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Ernest Bloch

Chronological List

24, Jul. : born in Geneva as third child of Maurice Bloch whose business is tourist goods and Sophie Braunschweig.    
    Brahms : Piano Concerto No.2
  Berlin Philharmonic is founded Wagner : Parsifal
    Bruckner : Symphony No.7
    Brahms : Symphony No.4
EB's mother offers him a flute.   Verdi : Otello
Franck : Violin Sonata
Brahms : Violin Sonata Nos.2 & 3
composes short melodies. Berliner invents Gramophone in USA. Brahms : Double Concerto
    Tchaikovsky : Symphony No.5
Rimsky-Korsakov : Scheherazade
Franck : Symphony
Satie : Gymnopédies
R.Strauss : Don Juan
begins to study violin with Albert Gos. The Paris World Fair.
(construction of Eiffel Tower)
Dvorák : Symphony No.8
    Bruckner : Symphony No.8
enters the Conservatory of Geneva.   Brahms : Clarinet Quintet
begins to study violin seriously with Louis Rey.    
begins to study composition with Jaques-Dalcroze. Edison invents Movie in USA. Tchaikovsky : Symphony No.6
Dvorák : Symphony No.9
Debussy : String Quartet
leaves the school to concentrate to musical study.   Debussy : Prélude à L'Après -Midi d'un Faune
Mahler : Symphony No.2
May, : composes Andante for String quartet for playing with friends.
11-17, Sep. : composes Symphonie Funèbre for Orchestra.
  Dvorák : Cello Concerto
Dvorák : StringQuartet "American"
Feb. : completes String Quartet which includes Andante (1995).
Mar. : composes Pastorale for piano.
Spring : shows his Quartet to the violinist, Martin Marsick who convinces EB's parents to let EB continue study with Eugene Ysaÿe in Brussels.
19, Apr. - 20, Jul. : composes Symphonie Orientale for Orchestra.

composes Inventions for Two, Three, and Four Voices, for Organ or Piano.
  Mahler : Symphony No.3
R.Strauss : Also sprach Zarathustra
Chausson : Poeme
Saint-Saëns : Symphony No.3
Verdi : Falstaff
1, Jan. : composes Berceuse in D-flat major for Piano.
13, Mar. : completes Fantasie for Violin and Piano.
29, Mar. : composes Musette for Voice and Piano.
2, May. : completes Le Saule for Voice and Piano, Larmes D'automne for Voice and Piano, Invention for (Two, Three, and) Four Voices, for Organ or Piano, Méditaion for Violin and Organ.
Automne : leaves for Brussels to study violin with Eugene Ysaÿe and Franz Schörg and study composition with François Rasse.
oct. : composes Regrets for Piano.
24-29, Nov. : composes Sonata for Piano and Violoncello.
9, Jan. : completes Sérénade (Morceau for Piano and Violin.) during winter vacation in Geneva.
Summer : back to Geneva for summer vacation. begins to compose Orientale for Large Orchestra.
Jun. : composes Là-Bas (Mèlodie for Piano and Voice) and Près de la Mer (Mèlodie for Mezzo-soprano).
Jul. : composes Lied for Piano and Fantasie-Lied for Violin and Piano.
Automne : back to Brussels.
Oct. : completes Orientale for Large Orchestra.
22, Nov.-4, Dec. : composes Poème Concertant for Violin and Orchestra.
Mahler becomes the conductor of Vienna Philharmonic. R.Strauss : Ein Heldenleben
Feb.-Mar. : revises Poème Concertant for Violin and Orchestra into Concerto for Violin and Orchestra.
27, May. : completes Menuet for Piano composed during summer vacation in Geneva.
5, Jul. : completes Danses Populaires for Orchestra composed during summer vacation in Geneva.

composes Prélude for Orchestra.
  Debussy : Les Nocturnes
Feb. : arrrives at Frankfurt and begins to study fugue with Iwan Knorr.
Jun. : composes two melodies for voice and piano ( "C'est un air lointain", "C'est le temps d'hiver" )
6. Nov.-3. Dec. : composes Vivre...Aimer... after his master, Jaques-Dalcroze's request.

composes Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (lost work).
  Mahler : Symphony No.4
Puccini : Tosca
Mar. : meets a young pianist Marguerite Schneider.
Apr. : quits Iwan Knorr's class.
23. Jun. : premiere of Vivre...Aimer... conducted by EB in Geneva .
Jul. : meets Edmond Fleg.
Sep. : arrrives at Munich and studies alone.
Oct. : begins to compose Symphony in C-sharp minor.
Nov. : falls sick and has convalescence in Geneva until Jan. 1902.
  Rakhmaninov : Piano Concerto No.2
Chausson : Concerto
Feb.-Mar. : returns to Munich. works on second and third movements of Symphony in C-sharp minor.
Apr. : work on fourth movement of Symphony in C-sharp minor.
Jul.-Aug. : composes Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra during vacation in Switzerland.
Autumn : returns to Munich. orchestrates Symphony in C-sharp minor.
  Mahler : Symphony No.5
Sibelius : Symphony No.2
Jan. : meets Max Schillings.
8, Mar. : completes Symphony in C-sharp minor.
12, Jun. : conducts second and third movements of Symphony in C-sharp minor in Basel.
Jul.? : composes Quintet for Piano and String (unfinished and lost) .
Nov. : composes 5 pieces for piano which includes ex-voto and Elfes .
Nov. : begins to compose Historiettes au Crépuscule.
Dec. : begins to compose Macbeth.
Dec.? : composes Les sataniques for Orchestra (lost) .
  Ravel : String Quartet
Sibelius : Violin Concerto
Janácek : Jenufa
Puccini : Madama Butterfly
20, Jan. : meets Claude Debussy.
Feb. : begins to compose Hiver-Printemps.
Mar. : finishes Historiettes au Crépuscule.
13. Aug. : marries Marguerite Schneider and enters his father's business as a salesman and bookkeeper.
  Mahler : Symphony No.6
19, Jan. : Premiere of Historiettes au Crépuscule which is performed by Nina Faliero-Dalcroze (soprano), Emile Jaques-Dalcroze (piano) in Geneva.
20, Feb. : First child Ivan-Kolia is born.
8, Mar. : finishes Hiver-Printemps and finishes sketches of first two scenes of Macbeth.
Apr. : finishes third scene of Macbeth.
Einstein announces Theory of relativity. Debussy : La Mer
Jan. : meets Béatrix Rodès, a poetess.
27, Jan. : Premiere of Hiver-Printemps conducted by EB in Geneva.
May : composes Poèmes d'Automne on the poems by Béatrix Rodès.
26, May. : conducts Hiver-Printemps in Neuchâtel.
28, Jun. : finishes Poèmes d'Automne.
  Mahler : Symphony No.7
Mahler : Symphony No.8
16, Jan. : Premiere of Poèmes d'Automne performed by Nina Faliero-Dalcroze (soprano) and EB (piano) in Geneva.
Jan. : finishes act 1 of Macbeth.
Jun. : plays Macbeth in front of the director of the Opéra of Paris and Lucienne Bréval.
9, Aug. : Second child Suzanne is born.
21, Nov. : passes the audition of the director of the Opéra-Comique, Albert Carré who accepts Macbeth.
Jan. : The interview is published in the Swiss magazine " La Vie Musicale".
29, Jan. : Alexandre Birnbaum conducts Hiver-Printemps in Lausanne.
16, Nov. : begins a course on "musical work" under auspices of the Conservatory of Laussanne.
  Mahler : Das Lied von der Erde
Bartók : String Quartet No.1
5, Jan. : Third child Lucienne is born.
Mar. : finishes piano version of Macbeth.
8, May. : conducts the concert (as test for the Committee of Casino de Lausanne). plays Hiver-Printemps, Beeethoven's Symphony No.7 and others.
Jul. : appointed as the conductor of Orchestre de Lausanne for subscription concerts. conducts 8 concerts in Lausanne and 4 concerts in Neuchâtel.from 15, Oct. 1909 to 11, Feb. 1910.
Jul. : received the libretto of "Jézabel" from Edmond Fleg and begins to compose it. (never finished)
31, Aug. : finishes Macbeth.
29, Oct. : conduct second subscription concert in Lausanne. plays Lalo's cello concerto with Serge Barjansky in the concert (First meeting with Barjansky)
12, Nov. : conducts third subscription concert in Lausanne. plays Hiver-Printemps and others.
26, Nov. : conducts fourth subscription concert in Lausanne. (plays Saint-Saëns's concerto with George Enesco)
8, Jan. : World premiere of Symphony in C-sharp minor in Geneva conducted by Bernhard Stevenhagen.
3, Feb. : conducts last concert in Neuchâtel. plays Mendelssohn's violin concerto with Josef Szigeti in the concert (First meeting with Szigeti)
80, Nov. : World premiere of Macbeth at the Opéra-Comique in Paris.
  Stravinsky : Firebird
: Symphony No.9
R.Strauss : Der Rosenkavalier
Stravinsky : Firebird
Berg : String Quartet
Debussy : Prélude No.1
May. : moves from Geneva to Satigny, the small village no far from Geneva.
6, Jun. : First meeting with Roman Rolland.
17 & 21, Jun. : Re-performances of Macbeth at the Opéra-Comique in Paris.
22, Nov. : begins the courses on "Musical Work" in the Conservatory of Geneva.
  Sibelius : Symphony No.4
Ravel : Daphnis et Chloé
Apr. : received adaptation of Psalm 137 from Edmond Fleg.
Jun. : appointed professor of composition in the Conservatory of Geneva.
Jun.-Aug. : works on compose second symphony "Fêtes juives"(later Israel).
14, Sep. : finishes Psalm 114.
20, Oct. : orchestrates Prelude for Psalm 114 and Psalm 137.
6, Nov. : begins the "Wednesday Courses" dedicated to the questions of Musical aesthetics in the Conservatory of Geneva.
11, Nov. : begins the "Monday Courses" dedicated to the work of J.S.Bach.
Dec. : Siegmund von Hausegger conducts Hiver in Berlin.
Disaster of Titanic. Debussy : Prélude No.2
31, Mar. : Maurice Bloch (Father) dies.
Aug. : finishes "Danse" (The first of Trois Poèmes Juifs) and begins to compose "Rite" (The second of Trois Poèmes Juifs)
Sep. : received adaptation of Psaume 22 from Edmond Fleg and begins to compose it.
7, Oct. : finishes Trois Poèmes Juifs.
11, dec. : Ernest Ansermet conducts Hiver-Printemps in the Kursaal of Montreux.
  Stravinsky : Rite of Spring
23, Jan. : begins the conferences on the evolution of the musical taste at the Conservatory of Lausanne.
28, Feb. : conducts Trois Poèmes Juifs (premiere) in Geneva.
16, Apr. : finishes Psaume 22.
15, May. : finishes Psalm 137.
Jun. : Candidacy to the Conservatory of Geneva for a regular Course of composition is failed.
Jun. : applies to Swiss army for world war, but it isn't accepted.
Sep. : moves from Satigny to Rennex in Genthod.
Nov. : works on violin again after pause of about 15 years.
28, Nov. : conducts the Orchestre de Genève.
Dec. : Bernhard Stevenhagen who is the conductor of the Orchestre de Genève dies and EB becomes candidacy of the position.
World war I begins. Ravel : Piano Trio
10, Jan. : applies to the position of the conductor of the Orchestre de Genève.
20, Feb. : conducts Symphony in C-sharp minor in Geneva.
May. : finishes first part of second symphony "Fêtes juives" and renames it Israel after Roman Rolland's advise.
Jun. : The position of the conductor of the Orchestre de Genève goes to Ernest Ansermet.
Dec. : meets Alexander Barjansky and his wife Katia who is a sculptor.
  R.Strauss : Eine Alpensinfonie
Sibelius : Symphony No.5
Kodály : Sonata for cello solo
May. : finishes second part of Israel and begins to compose Schelomo.
May.-Jun. : sketches first three movements of String Quartet No.1.
Jul. : entered into a contract with the English dancer Maud Allan as the conductor of her American tour.
30, Jul. : arrives to New York.
Aug. : composes final movement of String Quartet No.1.
31, Dec. : World premiere of String Quartet No.1 by the Flonzaley Quartet.
  Ives : Symphony No.4
Holst : The Planets
8, May. : World premiere of "Jewish Cycle" at Carnegie Hall, New York.
begins to teach at the theory department in David Mannes's newly-formed music school in New York.
Russian revolution. Prokofiev : Symphony No.1
Bartók : String Quartet No.2
25/26, Jan. : conducts the Philadelphia Orchestra.
contract with G.Schlrmer for the publication.

directs a chorus of largely untrained singers at the Manhattan Trade School on Twenty-second Street. (time is unknown)
World war I ends. Janácek : Taras Bulba
Feb.-May. : composes Suite for Viola and Piano.
Summer : teaches at Joanne Bird Shaw's School in Peterboro, New Hampshire.

awarded Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Chamber Music Prize for
Suite for Viola and Piano.
Jan. : completes the orchestration of Suite for Viola and Orchestra.
Jan. : begins to compose Sonata for Violin and Piano No.1.

becomes the first director of the Cleveland Institute of Music.

Nov. : completes Sonata for Violin and Piano No.1.
  Ravel : La Valse
begin the sketch of Quintet for Piano and String No. 1 for Cello sonata.   Berg : Wozzeck
2-11, Jul. : composes Poems of The Sea.
22, Jul. : composes In The Night : A Love Poem for Piano.
Dec. : orchestrates In The Night.

Four Circus Pieces.
Soviet Union is established.  
completes Quintet for Piano and String No. 1, Baal Shem for Violin and Piano, Danse Sacrée : for Piano, Enfantines (Ten piano pieces for children), Nirvana : Poem for Piano, Five Sketches in Sepia : for Piano. Radio broadcast begins. Janácek : String Quartet No.1
composes Poème Mystique : Sonata for Violin and Piano No.2, Nuit Exotique for Violin and Piano, Three Nocturnes Trio for Piano,Violin,Violoncello, Méditation Hébraïque for Violoncello and Piano.

becomes a citizen of the United States.
Western Electric invents electric sound recording. Ysaÿe : Six Sonatas for Solo Violin
Sibelius : Symphony No.7
Gershwin : Rhapsody in Blue
Puccini : Turandot
Respighi : Pini di Roma


composes Concerto Grosso No.1, From Jewish Life for Violoncello and Piano, In The Mountains for String Quartet, Night for String Quartet, Paysages for String Quartet, Prelude for String Quartet.

resigns as the director of the Institute of Music in Cleveland.
becomes the director of the San Franciseo Conservatory of Music.
  Shostakovich : Symphony No.1
composes America : An Epic Rhapsody, Four Episodes for Chamber Orchestra.
awarded Carolyn Beebe Prize New York Chamber Music Society for
Four Episodes for Chamber Orchestra.
awarded MUSICAL AMERICA Prize for
America : An Epic Rhapsody.
  Janácek : Sinfonietta
Kodály : Háry-János-Suite
Berg : Lylrishe Suite
    Ravel : Violin Sonata
Bartók : String Quartet No.3
composes Helvetia Symphonic Poem.
awarded RCA Victor Award for
Helvetia (one of five compositions which shared the prize).
  Ravel : Bolero
Bartók : String Quartet No.4
Janácek : String Quartet No.2
composes Abodah for Violin and Piano, Mélodie for Violin and Piano.

honored Italy's Academy of St. Cecilia bestowed membership.
24, Oct. : Collapse of the New York Stock Market.  
leave the San Franciseo Conservatory of Music.
returns from United States to Switzerland.
moves to the Swiss-Italian Alps, Roveredo, Ticino.
  Villa-Lobos : Bachianas Brasileilas No.1
27, Dec. : Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia Aceademico Onorario.   Castelnuovo-Tedesco : Violin Concerto No.2
composes Avodath Hakodesh (Sacred Service). Hitler's government is sworn in.  
12, Jan. : World premiere of Avodath Hakodesh (Sacred Service) at Turin.
11, Apr. : Premiere of Avodath Hakodesh (Sacred Service) in America conducted by the composer.
moves to Châtel,Haute Savoie, France.
  Hindemith : Mathis der Maler
Bartók : String Quartet No.5
Mar.- Oct. : composes Sonata for Piano.   Berg : Violin Concerto
Gershwin : Poggy and Bess
Honegger : Jeanne d'Arc au Bûcher
composes Voice In The Wilderness, Visions et Prophéties : for Piano.   Bartók : Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta
Orff : Carmina Burana
May. : composes Evocations.

Ernest Bloch Society is founded in England. Its directorate includes Albert Einstein, Sir Thomas Beecham, Serge Koussevitzky, Havelock Ellis Romain Rolland, Sir Donald Francis Tovey, and Bruno Walter.
  Bartók : Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion
Shostakovich : Symphony No.5
Barber : Adagio for Strings
Jan. : finishes Concerto for Violin and Orchestra.
5, Mar. : Performances of Macbeth at the Theater San Carlo of Naples in Italy.
Deux pièces pour quatuor à cordes.
15, Dec. : World premiere of Concerto for Violin and Orchestra by Cleveland Orchestra conducted by Dimitri Mitropoulos with Josef Szigeti.
  Villa-Lobos : Bachianas Brasileilas No.5
Castelnuovo-Tedesco : Guitar Concerto No.1
Spring : returns to United States.
Baal Shem for Violin and Orchestra
World war II begins. Rodrigo : Concerto de Aranjuez
Barber : Violin Concerto
Bartók : String Quartet No.6
Professorship in Music at the University of California at Berkeley.   Messiaen : Quatuor pour la fin du temps
moves to Agate Beach, Oregon. Attack on Pearl Harbor.  
    Bartók : Concerto for Orchestra
composes Suite Symphonique.
composes Variation X 'Solemne' of Variations on a Theme by Eugene Goossens.
  Prokofiev : Symphony No.5
Copland : Appalachian Spring
Bartók : Sonata for Violin Solo
composes String Quartet No.2. World war II ends.
FM radio broadcast begins.
Shostakovich : Symphony No.9
R.Strauss : Metamorphosen
Britten : Peter Grimes
Barber : Cello Concerto
    Britten : Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
Copland : Symphony No.3
21, Mar. : completes first movement of Concerto Symphonique for Piano and Orchestra.
awarded first Gold Medal in Music for
String Quartet No.2 (American Academy of Arts and Letters)
awarded Music Critics Circle of New York City, 1946-1947 for
String Quartet No.2.
  Duruflé : Requiem
Barber : Knoxville
23, Jan. : completes second movement of Concerto Symphonique for Piano and Orchestra.
5, Mar. : completes third movement of Concerto Symphonique for Piano and Orchestra.
23, Dec. : composes Scherzo Fantasque for Piano and Orchestra.
honored Doctor of Humane Letters (Linfleld College McMinnville Oregon).
Partition of Berlin.
Long Playing Record appears.
Tape recorder begins to be used for recording.
R.Strauss : Four Last Songs
Messiaen : Turangalila Symphonie
composes 6 Preludes for Organ.
Sep. - Nov. : Visit to England. In the period, concerts including world premiere of Concerto Symphonique at the Edinburgh International Festival in 2, Sep. and recordings are done.
completes Deux pièces pour quatuor à cordes
Concertino for Flute,Viola and String Orchestra, 4 Wedding Marches for Organ.

Bloch festival in Chicago for Bloch's seventieth birthday in 6 days. In the festival,
Scherzo Fantasque for Piano and Orchestra is performed as world premiere.
Ocupation of Tibet
Korean War begins.
19, Feb. : completes Meditation and Processional for Viola and Piano.
Feb. - Mar. : composes Suite Hébraïque.
awarded Stephen Wise Award for outstanding contribution in the field of Jewish culture.
  Ben-Haim : Sonata for Violin Solo
Apr. - Jul. : composes Concerto Grosso No.2 for Strings.
23, May. : honored Park Avenue Synagogue, New York City.
24, Dec. : composes In Memoriam.
String Quartet No.3.
retires from the University of California at Berkeley.
composes Sinfonia Breve, String Quartet No.4.
honored Corelli Tri-Centenary Commemoratlve Medal.
awarded Music Critics Circle of New York City for
Concerto Grosso No.2 for Strings, String Quartet No.3.
  Shostakovich : Symphony No.10
Ben-Haim : Sweet Psalmist of Israel
composes Symphony for Trombone and Orchestra.
26, Oct. : honored Doctor of Humane Letters, by Jewish Theological Seminary of New York.
  Britten : The Turn of the Screw
Ifukube : Music for the film "Godzilla"
composes Symphony in E-flat, Proclamation for Trumpet and Orchestra.
17, Aprt. : honored Doctor of Letters, by Reed College Portland Oregon.
15, Jul. - 31, Aug. : composes Suite Modale for Flute & Piano .
String Quartet No.5, Suite No.1 for Violoncello solo, Suite No.2 for Violoncello solo.
awarded Frank L Well Award National Jewish Welfare Board Chieago, Illinois, (for the advancement of North American Jewish Culture ).
Elvis Presley makes his debut.  
Feb. - Jul. : composes Quintet for Piano and Strings No.2.
Suite No.3 for Violoncello solo.
honored Henry Hadley Medal for distinguished service to American music National Association for American Composers and Conductors.
gets cancer and is operated. But it is not succeeded.
  Bernstein : West Side Story
Takemitsu : Requiem for Strings
composes Two Last Poems for Flute Solo and Orchestra, Suite No.1 for Violin solo, Suite No.2 for Violin solo, Suite for Viola solo (unfinished).   Mayuzumi : Nirvana Symphony
?? : orchestrates Suite Modale for Flute & String Orchestra .
7, Apr. : honored Medal in Music, by Brandeis University Creative Arts Awards.
Jun. : honored Honorary Doctorate, by Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts.
15, Jul. : dies of cancer in Portland, Oregon, USA.
Stereo record appears.
Georg Solti records Wagner's Ring.