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ERNEST BLOCH : Sa vie et sa pensée
( ERNEST BLOCH : His Life and His Thought )
in four volumes

( preface by LORD YEHUDI MENUHIN )

(written in French)
published by

Tracing Bloch's life with huge amount of data e.g. letters, photos, illustrations, It can be said that this book is perfectly compilation of all the studies on ERNEST BLOCH.

Number of the pages of Volume I whose front page has a photo that Bloch and young Menuhin are together reaches 800. It is large-scale book which never exist before. And the number of the pages of Volume II are together reaches 952!! 
This tomes must be bible for BLOCH lovers.

Volume I : The Hard Years Les Années de galères (1880-1916)   794 pages
Volume II : American Consecration La Consécration américaine (1916-1930)   950 pages
Volume III : The Return to Europe Le Retour en Europe (1930-1938)   726 pages
Volume IV : The Haven of Peace in Oregon Le Havre de paix en Oregon (1939-1959)
with the catalog of the work
suivi du catalogue de l'œuvre
  1042 pages

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